Marketing in the Digital Age


How to Market in the Digital Age


With the options in digital marketing expanding all the time and digital marketing company Londonalso increasing, knowing what the options are, which ones are most effective and which ones are a bit of a waste of time is the best way to get the best return on the money, time and effort you spend on each marketing channel.

first a breakdown of the main categories, then we can look into each category in a bit more detail especially the most relevant and effective strategies.

First things first is get your onsite SEO in order, now i know SEO is the general term for all optimisation however i only use SEO in with regards to on site optimisation, for all the rest it think its a bit too vague, the term SEO was coined before social media, adwords and many other forms of paid advertising now i think its just to vague for anything other than onsite optimisation. as when you go off site your not really optimising but your sites building authority, respect and reputation.


so onsite SEO, this is a very important step although on its own you will see little to no results without it the the next will not be as effective. the most important part of onsite SEO is research, specifically keyword research you need to what people are searching for when looking for anything related to your business or services and not only that you need to know if there are any angles that are low hanging fruit or what you can’t go for this early on due to its high competitiveness. This is where a Digital marketing expert London will come in, unless you want to spend years learning and playing catch up with multiple mistakes and learning curves, if you have the time then go for it but if you need to start making an income form your business is may be best to contact an SEO expert Marbella or you could be in for a long wait, SEO company London is worth checking out.


After onsite SEO, targeting your organic visibility is a good next step, using backlinks, social proof and online reviews is good for this. Then we move onto online paid advertising, with multiple channels and options in this area using the correct tools, and platforms is key especially as some platforms are much more effective for different industries than others, this is why considering an advertising agency London is a good idea.


With all that said not only is it hard to do this work correctly and with skill but its also hard to find the best seo company London, at the very least its worth arming yourself with some knowledge so you know what to expect and time frames, this is when it is worth considering a marketing consultant London, have a look through a few even a quick phone call and pick the one you think is best, all you will need is an hour and they can outline all the things to expect different pricing and time frames, you can then get quotes from companies and make a more educated decision.