Things to do in marbella

Things to do in Marbella

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Marbella is one of the most popular places for a holiday in Spain, and thousands of people flock here every year to take advantage of the sun, sea and sand. Keeping the kids entertained is always one of the greatest challenges of going on holiday, so here things to do in Marbella.

Spot Dolphins in the Wild

Marbella is situated right next to the Mediterranean, and there is a host of wild marine life that you can enjoy watching just off its shores. One of the most popular trips from Marbella is the dolphin trip, where you will get to head out on a small boat into the Strait of Gibraltar and spot dolphins swimming and playing in the water.

This area is one of the best places in Europe to see dolphins, and so you are likely to see at least a few on your trip. Bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins and common dolphins are all common sights on the trip, but it doesn’t stop there. If you are lucky, then there are some different types of whales that often make an appearance.

The kids will love seeing dolphins swimming in the sea, and you can easily arrange a trip from Marbella or Puerto Banus, which regularly leave throughout the summer.

Spend a Day on the Funny Beach

For a simple, uncomplicated day of fun, nothing can beat the Funny Beach. This is a dedicated area of Cable Beach that has been turned into a kind of activity centre, and there are enough things to in marbella do to keep everyone happy.

One of the highlights of private yacht hire marbella is the go-kart track. Adults and children can both ride in the go-karts, and they go surprisingly fast. There are other activities such as trampolines and motorbikes, as well as a variety of water sports including jet skis and sailing, or pedalo boats for those who want to have a more relaxing time.

There are also indoor activities such as pool tables and arcades, as well as a restaurant and sunbeds so the adults can relax as the kids enjoy themselves. It’s easy to spend a whole day or longer here, so it should be on your list of things to do in marbella if you want to keep the kids entertained.


Visit Selwo Adventure Park

For one of the best wildlife experiences in Spain, treat the whole family to a day out at Selwo Adventure Park. Located in Estepona, it is only a short drive from Marbella and will easily provide you with a whole day’s entertainment.

At over 100 hectares in size, Selwo Adventure Park is vast and another one of the top things to do in marbella. Inside you will find over 2,000 animals, most of which are contained within large, free-roaming enclosures to enhance the feeling that you are encountering the animals in the wild.

Even better, there are safari guides who will take you on a tour of the park so that you really will feel like you’ve just walked into the African bush. The park is divided into different geographic zones to provide a variety of experiences, and if you want to camp overnight, then that’s also a possibility.

Go on a Buggy Safari boat hire marbella

A buggy safari is a great way for the whole family to get a day out in the country while enjoying a real adventure. Designed like mini cars, the buggies can be used on a long circuit that winds along mountain paths and allows you to see the beauty of the natural landscape that surrounds Marbella activities.